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Product Sections

Section A

Equipment for Live Working

Insulated gloves, & boots; jumpers & covers; shrouding; operating rods, pole heads & adapters; universal accessories; hot sticks & shotgun sticks; bucket liners, tools, trays & accessories; umbrellas & tents; insulated tools.

Section B

Crimping, Cutting & Stripping Tools

Klauke battery crimping tools; force & measurement gauges; battery cutting tools; hydraulic pumps; remote & hand hydraulic crimping & cutting tools; dies & die boxes; cable stripping tools.

Section C


Wedge type tap connectors; CPI special application connectors; rail connectors; overhead line connectors; Klauke connectors.

Section D

Material Handling

Ratchet lever hoists; webbing & wire pullers; tirfors; dynamometers; Klein Chicago grips; special purpose grips; pulling stockings & swivels; running out blocks; snatch blocks; ropes & sash lines; slings & shackles; cable drum rollers & jacks.

Section E

Site Equipment

Ground-Guard protection mats; Trench Guard & Kerbhopper; retractable barrier systems; collapsible spring cones; utility tripod sign system; vehicle accessories; hydraulic tools; power tools; hand tools; pumps & generators.

Section F


Floodlights; handlamps; torches; head torches; Nightsearcher; Peli; Lifinger; Litlink; Ecolight T lighting tower.

Section G

Working at Height

Ladders & ladder accessories; stepladders; scaffolding systems; fall arrest harnesses; lanyards; karabiners; fall arrest blocks; anchorages; rescue equipment; tethers; tool belts & bags.

Section H


ABC earthing kits; low voltage earths; 11kV & 33kV portable earthing sets; earthing clamps & accessories; specialist earthing; earth rod drivers.

Section I

Testers, Instruments & Monitors

High voltage detectors; crossarm testers; Sensorlink meters & recorders; phase sequence indicators; proving units; multimeters; clamp meters; cable height meters; rubber equipment test & washing machines; TattleTale alarm system.